A group of emergency physicians, on a voluntary basis, met in 2005 and formed the ‘EBM Interest group’. The first unofficial ‘Literature Appraisal Workshop 2005’ was organized with great success. The content was similar to the ‘Asia-Pacific EBM workshop and conference’ held in Singapore under Gordon Guyaat; but the programme was different in some perspectives. It was clinically oriented and tailor-made for emergency only so as to enhance a better learning environment for learners with different prior levels of knowledge of EBM skills. There were totally 5 sessions split monthly. Each session consisted of lectures and small group tutorials. The response from learners had been great.
In late 2005, our college supported the official formation of the ‘EBM interest group’ under Scientific Affair. Since then, our college has sponsored fellows and trainees to attend the ‘Asia-Pacific EBM workshop’ in Singapore and ‘Asia-Pacific EBM Network conference’ in PWH. One year later, the ‘EBM Interest group’ successfully organized ‘Literature Appraisal workshop 2006’.
In late 2006, our college officially approved the formation of the “EBM Subcommittee” under Scientific Affair.

Terms of Reference:
EBM Subcommittee under Scientific Affair of HKCEM.