Refund & Late Policy (with effect from 1 June 2017)
Last update: 18 Jun, 2017

Refund Policy

Any withdrawal / deferral request should be communicated to the College Secretariat in writing. Course fees will only be refunded according to the following rules:

  1. If a course is cancelled by the course organizer due to insufficient course participants or other unforeseeable circumstances, a later class can be arranged. Alternatively, participant can ask for total refund with administrative fee waived.

  2. Total refund (*administrative charge will be deducted) to course participant can be arranged if he/she withdraws more than 14 working days before commencement date of the course.

  3. At the discretion of the College, partial refund (with administrative fee + 50% of application fee deducted) or defer to later class (free of charge), when available, can be arranged if course participant is absent due to sickness with original sick leave certificate presented to College Secretariat.

  4. No refund if course participant withdraws within 14 working days prior to commencement date of the course, or absent without original sick leave certificate.
  5. Other conditions for refund are subject to discretion of the course organizer and the College. *Administrative charge is 10% of the course fee paid, capped at HKD500 maximally.


Late Registration Policy

Course participants who are late for more than 30 min will not be allowed to take the course. They should contact the College Secretariat for rearrangement to attend another class and a administrative fee will be levied.