Who we are

The Emergency Care Research Consortium (ECRC) is a branch of the Research Subcommittee of the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine. It is composed of a group of emergency medicine (EM) practitioners and researchers who are interested in and dedicated to enhancing research activities related to EM practices and sciences.

The ECRC recognizes that EM research in Hong Kong and many countries or regions in Asia is not as active as their counterparts in the West. We aim to establish a network of EM practitioners for better knowledge sharing and facilitating partner-matching for multi-center studies. ECRC emphasizes the importance of local or international multi-center studies and interdisciplinary collaboration.  With the concerted effort of every member of the ECRC, the evidence base for the practice of EM can be strengthened and translation of research findings into clinical practice can be made possible.


ECRC is the operational arm of the Research Subcommittee of the HKCEM. A vice-chairperson of the Research Subcommittee is responsible for the routine activities of ECRC and reports to the chairperson and other members of the Subcommittee. The chairperson of the Research Subcommittee oversees the function of the ECRC and reports to the College via the chairperson of the Scientific Affairs Committee.

Function and role

ECRC would be providing support and serve as a platform to facilitate researches, particularly encouraging multicenter and interdisciplinary projects. 

ECRC provides expert opinion and input in

  • grant / fund application
  • applications of Institutional review board (IRB) / ethics committee
  • registration in trial registry
  • research logistics
  • journal submission