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Message from Dr. CW Kam
16 August 2001
To : A&E Seniors & Colleagues
Re : eKG of HALIS - Subspecialization in Emergency Medicine
(Recruitment of Discussants in EM eKG & e-Forum)

The eKG (Electronic Knowledge Gateways) of HALIS has been launched for quite a while and many colleagues have found that the new format of databases is more user-friendly and effective in literature search.

In addition to this, there is a new e-Forum (currently under HA Intranet & should be expanded to Internet before long to extend the benefits to more users) to provide a platform for interchange of expertise within a specialty or among all the medical domains.

Thanks to the support of the seniors & colleagues, I have been appointed as the EM Specialty Coordinator.

My vision for the advancement of our EM Specialty would solidly rely on subspecialization or subspecialty interest in addition to the general EM approach to provide in-depth discussion and supportive services to the specialists and trainees as well as colleagues of the pertinent fields.

I would propose to recruit DISCUSSANTS under the subspecialties or domains as listed in the appendix so as to enable EM colleagues to consult those discussants with an interest or outstanding capability together with time devotion to the subject area when necessary in addition to the current forums of A&E Joint Clinical Meeting (UCH / AHN), Toxicology Round (UCH) and Internet Discussion (Dr TW Wong).

Moreover, we would request the DISCUSSANTS (1 Chief & 2 Assistant) to pose up 1 to 2 topics, questions, EBM search or CAT with comments in every 2 to 3 months to upkeep the academic atmosphere among the Emergency Physicians.

The term of service would be from 1 Oct 2001 till 31 Dec 2003 (about 2 years). We do not want to keep the contributing colleagues too busy as everyone might have his own family and personal business and agenda.

You are cordially invited to consider this invitation to take up a subspecialty area of your choice or to nominate an outstanding colleague who can afford the minimal time to engage in this honourable and honorary (no additional pay) job.

Not only does our EM specialty immensely depend on your direct contribution, but also your support as a leader to facilitate your young distinguished staff to participate.

I do look forward to colleagues are willing to share this voluntary professional service so as to grow together for the benefits of the patients & peers!

Please do give a favourable consideration and send me your kind opinions for refinement as well as a favourable reply before 22 Aug 2001.

Thanks & with best regards!

CW Kam
EM Specialty Coordinator, eKG, HALIS
(c/o AED, TMH)

15 Aug 2001 (Wed)


EM subspecialties & unique domains
(not yet in order - alphabetical or other sequence priority)

  1. Resuscitology
  2. Traumatology
  3. Difficult Airway Mx (DAM)
  4. .
  5. Radiation Emergency Medicine (or REA)
  6. HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) / NBC Mx
  7. Disaster Medicine / Mass Gathering Medicine
  8. PHEC (Prehospital emergency medicine) / EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
  9. Aeromedics
  10. Tele-Emergency Medicine
  11. Diagnostic Imaging
  12. Em USG
  13. Toxicology
  14. Environmental Emergency (Animal bites / stings)
  15. Em Cardiology
  16. Acute Musculo-skeletal Conditions
  17. Em O&G
  18. Em Paediatrics
  19. Research
  20. Biostatistics
  21. EBM
  22. Applied Clinical Science
  23. Training & Development
  24. Specialist Examination Philosophy and Skills
  25. IT (Information Technology)
  26. ED Design
  27. ED Administration
  28. Medico-legal Medicine
  29. Expert opinions for medico-legal affairs
  30. Domestic Violence
  31. International Emergency Medicine
  32. Emergency Nursing
  33. Genomics in EM (Trauma Immunology)
  34. Medical Economics
  35. Innovative Em Med
  36. Others (please name or coin the new nomenclature)

Thanks for your time & interest !

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